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With the global pandemic under control in most parts of the world at the moment, going out and meeting people physically is almost back on track. As someone who puts considerable thought into buying gear to use on a day-to-day basis, there are three aspects that I keep in mind when selecting my everyday carry items, utility, portability, and aesthetics. Although I am constantly playing with new tech gear and items very often, my day-to-day carry items change quite infrequently.

In this blog post, I have shared the everyday carry items in my pocket every day in early 2022.

Here are my everyday carry items for early 2022.

1. Phone

Samsung Galaxy A52 4G

My tool to check my emails, connect with friends and family, and take photos has been the Samsung A52, which I picked up right after its launch in March 2021. While it isn't necessarily a leader in most of its specifications, its affordable pricing, coupled with a decent processor, 8GB of RAM, an impressive camera system, and an aesthetically pleasing design language, makes it one of the most well-rounded offerings in the segment—even in 2022.

It has a gorgeous 90Hz 6.5" display for all my content consumption needs, along with a Snapdragon 720G processor and 8GB of RAM. What I love the most about the phone is its camera system. The camera quality is impressive, and the photos are sharp and vibrant. Considering that I have found myself more and more willing to sacrifice photo quality for convenience, this camera system has now effectively replaced my DSLR as the primary shooter for recording my travel memories or precious family moments.

The phone comfortably sits in the official silicon case from Samsung. It provides additional grip and drop protection for my phone while still being thin and lightweight enough to maintain its aesthetics.

2. Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

I have recently moved to using a smartwatch, replacing the beloved Swatch watches that I have worn for quite a long time. My watch of choice at the moment is the 40mm version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. It fits perfectly on my smaller wrist, and the black color goes perfectly in sync with my other everyday carry items.

The watch has a sleek body and a circular screen with an option to turn on an always-on display to view time. I can receive calls on my watch with its integrated mic and speaker, which is very convenient when I am on my bike and do not need to pull my phone out of my pocket. For any fitness-related needs, there are multiple sensors under the display to track your workouts and body composition. I was quite surprised to learn that the body composition reading from this tiny device was comparable to its medical-grade counterparts.

For my use case, the battery lasts for two days before I have to magnetically link it to the charging puck, which comfortably sits on my desk.

3. Earphones

Skullcandy Sesh Evo

I use Skullcandy's Sesh Evo wireless earphones to listen to podcasts and audiobooks during my travels and morning walks. It is lightweight and compact to carry around. The bluetooth connection is solid when paired with my phone or my computer, and the sound quality is far better than most other earphones at this price point of $50 with its clear highs and lows and punchy bass. It has recently started to show its age as it doesn't retain the battery as much as it used to anymore. I think I will replace it with something like Google Pixel Buds in the long run.

4. Masks and Sanitizer

Face Masks

I have been loving this KF 94 series of face masks. It's light, foldable and firmly breathable. I also found them to be much more comfortable than the regular KN-95 or the cloth masks found on the market. They're surprisingly affordable for what they are and are also known as "Korean Masks" in most parts of the world.

iClean 360 Hand Sanitizer

When it comes to being safe from germs and microorganisms, nothing beats good old-fashioned hand washing. But if water and soap aren’t readily available, your next bet becomes an alcohol based sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol. But it isn't best for your skin and dries the moisture out of your hands after repeated use. This is where Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) based sanitizers come into play to bridge the gap between being effective and being safe for your skin.

I carry a 10ml spray bottle of hand sanitizer from a local brand called iClean 360. It has a HOCL based sanitizing agent that is much more gentle on the skin than its alcohol-based counterparts. Although its small, pocket-friendly size means you'll have to refill it quite often, it's very handy to carry around and be safe from COVID-19.

5. Wallet

Alain Delon

I have been using a wallet by Alain Delon for over 8 years now. My family picked it up for me in Malaysia in 2014, and it's still as good as new to this day. Although I still clean and condition it well twice a year, this has been a product that I have spent the longest time with.

The wallet is made of genuine leather and has developed a nice patina on the sides with my long-term use. It has space for four cards and a few coins at the side, along with two pockets to keep the cash. There is also a sliding space at the back where I store my business cards, some extra photographs, and identification documents. Overall, this is an extremely high-quality product that I have been very pleased with for a long time.

6. Key Holders

I have been using this generic key holder that I ordered from AliExpress. The frame itself hosts two keys and a couple of tools useful for my day-to-day tasks. It also has a bottle opener, a ruler, and a 10 mm wrench socket. I have also added a couple of small steel tools that might be handy, which have a screwdriver, a saw, hex tools, and a small prying tool. The key holder also has a D-Ring at the back, which can be used to connect to other keychains or a carabiner.

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