Every Day Carry 2023

Everyday Carry 2023

Lifestyle Mar 17, 2023 7 min read

For someone like me who is always on the go, having a reliable Every Day Carry setup is very crucial in keeping things organized and prepared for anything on the way. The concept behind my everyday carry for 2023 is "Simplicity in character". All the products I carry with me on a day-to-day basis are minimal yet functional for my use personal use case. I've shared some info about them in this blog post.

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I have been using this leather wallet from Alain Delon since 2014. For the past nine years, it's literally been with me everywhere I have been. The leather and the stitching have held up surprisingly well for all these years and have developed a beautiful patina over time.

It had been quite a long time since an upgrade and awesome folks over at Bellroy recently sent over their hide and seek wallet which has now replaced my old wallet. The leather has a very soft and premium feel to it and since it is fairly new, it will take a while for it to develop it’s character.

In the wallet, I typically put my bank cards to the right side and my membership and identity cards to the left. What's interesting, is the fact that the wallet features some neatly integrated hidden pockets where it gets the “Hide and Seek” name from.  I keep some change of cash in the compartment at the back which also has a hidden pocket to hold my business cards. There’s an additional hidden pocket at the back which I use to store a bandaid and a steel wallet multi-tool. The multi-tool is made up of stainless steel and is very slim to carry around. It has a flat-head screwdriver, a bottle opener, and a few hex wrenches amongst a few others.

The wallet also has built-in RFID protection to keep my cards safe from spoofing although I think it is extremely rare to have one where I live. I’d rather consider this to be a downside for me because I used to tap my bank cards directly into the POS machine on my previous wallet and I can no longer use do that with this one. It is a bit of an inconvenience but that's still an added advantage when I'm traveling overseas.

All in all, the hide and seek wallet has been an absolute joy to carry around. It's stylish, functional, and secure, and has enough pockets to keep everything organized.

iPhone 13 Mini

I have recently switched to an iPhone after using android phones for over six years. My current daily driver is the iPhone 13 mini which I recently picked up from my trip abroad. It's in fact, the smallest phone I’ve carried so far. In a world where big and heavy smartphones seem to dominate, it stands out with its compact and lightweight design. This makes it a perfect fit for someone like me who values portability and convenience without sacrificing the features of a high-end smartphone. As a part-time creator, I was particularly drawn to its powerful dual camera system in such a portable form factor. In fact, most of the photos in this blog post was shot using an iPhone 13 mini.

The phone has been performing reasonably well for day-to-day tasks to browse the internet and post on social media. I personally think the screen is a tad too small for heavy users but it’s not something I’d think much about as rely on my computer with a bigger screen for heavier workloads. The upgraded battery from the 12 mini also easily lasts over a day (6+hours screen time) for my use case.

I love the fact that the phone pairs so seamlessly with the other devices in my Apple ecosystem. It has been particularly helpful to share clipboard, files, browser tabs, and picking up calls from other devices. Although Apple has discontinued its mini series from 2022, I do wish Apple made a Pro version of the mini with a telephoto camera and raw file support. Overall, the iPhone 13 mini offers a very compelling smartphone package for its size even in 2023.

I have protected my phone using an official leather case from Apple. It is relatively more expensive but it's totally worth it considering how it maintains the clean aesthetic of the phone while still providing additional grip and drop protection. It is also MagSafe compatible for wireless charging and has metal buttons that have the same tactile feel as the original one on the phone itself.

The leather feels great on hand but it does scuff fairly easily and is not as tough as other silicon or plastic cases. However, a quick rub usually removes the scratches, and the leather outside is aging well to develop a beautiful patina that is making it more comfortable and easier to hold over time.

Apple AirPods 2

I also carry the second generation Airpods when I’m out these days. It’s a 3-year-old tech from 2019 but still serves the purpose of being a dependable wireless pair of earbuds when I’m working out or taking a walk outdoors. They fit perfectly on my ears and although I’m not an audiophile by any means, these still sound better than the other earbuds I have tested in a similar price range.

One of my favorite features of these AirPods is their ability to automatically pause when I take them out of my ears. It's got proximity sensors on the earbuds and this feature is incredibly convenient when I need to talk to someone or take a quick break from listening to music. On top of that, it pairs up so well with macOS and iOS on my other devices and it's very smooth. I think they’re an excellent pair of earbuds for day-to-day use and I don't think I am upgrading them anytime soon.


I typically never leave my house without wearing a watch and I have recently fallen into the rabbit hole of learning about automatic watches. I love the fact these devices are so mechanical yet they feel so lively since they get all their power from the motion of our wrists. The one I decided to build my collection with is the Seiko SNXS79. It is a beautiful and affordable offering from the Japanese manufacturer which holds exceptional value for money. It has a clean design and a beautiful black sunburst dial which compliments the silver on the body really well. The watch has a power reserve of about 40 hours before I need to put it back to keep it running. I have replaced the original bracelet with some leather straps and these serve me pretty well for casual occasions.

I also switch between my Seiko and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 from last year depending on where I’m going. I’m wearing the Seiko most of the time outdoors and switch to the galaxy watch only when I’m working out or measuring my body composition. The only downside of the Galaxy watch for me however is the fact that it doesn’t pair with my iPhone and I need to connect it to my old Samsung phone once a week to sync my activity data.

Jibbon Key Organiser

The next most frequently used item that makes out of the house with me is my keychain which is from an Australian brand Jibbon key. Jibbon sent over the product to me a few months back and I’ve enjoyed using them so far. It looks very similar in design to the more popular offering from Orbit key but it has some clever changes and updates. Firstly, it doesn’t require any tool to add or remove keys making it very quick and convenient. Secondly, the metal parts are fully wrapped in a fine leather which prevents anything from being scratched with the metal insert even if kept together in the same pocket. The removable D ring at the top is also fixed and I’ve attached my scooter's key fob to it.

Along with the keys, there is also a multi-tool designed by Jibbon in the key organizer. It has a flat-head screwdriver, a pry bar, a bottle opener, and a nail file. It has been very handy in unexpected situations outdoors and I typically use this to tighten my tripod mount to my camera or open up my packages. It’s a very functional kit on my every day carry and I would highly recommend checking their product offerings here.

Optional Accessories

I also carry my sunglasses and a pen depending on the day and the destination.


I’ve been wearing these sunglasses from a London-based brand called Gunda for a while. For a fraction of the price of the more popular brands, they’re similarly well built, polarised, and have a built-in UV filter to protect my eyes from the sun.


I also carry a pen with me as well depending on the place I’m going to such as bank or office work. The classic addition to my EDC for 2023 is my trustee Parker Jotter. It’s sleek and carries its unibody steel design with elegance. I have had this pen for over a year and it’s also served me well to scribble ideas for work or journal my thought if I feel like it.

So, I hope you liked my selection for the everyday carry for 2023 and hope it inspired you to create your own set of EDC tools for everyday use.

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